About Us

About Us

We have started our business as Asia Pacific Group of Companies on 1992 in Afghanistan. Our management has the experience of over 20 years, and has committed to providing clients with solid project performance and management. This commitment, embedded in the company’s core values, transformed HGC from a small construction company to an industry-leading national contractor performing diverse, complex projects for both private clients and government. Originally organized to provide construction services to the utility companies in and around the Afghanistan area, HGC’s reputation as an industry leader and innovator has advanced through over 20 years of experience. Along the way, the company has achieved many landmark accomplishments in a wide array of markets: For example, HGC built Afghanistan New Parliament Building, the New India Embassy Buildings, and HGC is also recognized as a national leader among logistics service contractors, and has evolved into different projects. Today, HGC is uniquely positioned as a leader with a reputation for excellence, innovation, and safety unmatched in the construction industry.

As President of HGC, Hamed RASOLI leads the company’s strategic growth and guides the overall direction of the firm.

Mr. Hamed RASOLI

Executive Director

Mr. Omid RASOLI has the responsibility of planning the required resources, selection and assignment of suppliers, and overall supply chain management..


Procurement Manager

Mr. Obaid RASOLI oversees Marketing and Business Development initiatives for HGC across all markets.

Mr. Obaid RASOLI

Business Dev. Manager

As Construction Executive, Mr. Rakesh oversees all project teams, ensuring the quality of work in accordance with specifications.

Mr. Rakesh SINGH

Head of Engineering

What is our philosophy

What is our philosophy in conducting business? Our key staff expressed thier philosophy and policy within the words....

We are Building the future. Restoring the past.

HG-Contracting - CEO

We are committed to superior quality and results.

HG-Contracting - Procurement Manager

We are engineering your dreams to become reality!

HG-Contracting - Head of Engineering

Featured Clients and Vendors

We are so proud of our clients and our vendors. In the following carousel we'll show our visitors how many great clients and vendors we have.