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Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai


We are giving administrations of male cleaners in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and encompassing zone. our group of Professional cleaners are everything which you have to keep your foundation clean. We give the best costs and quality fulfillment to our customers.

Our vision We endeavor to manufacture a group of experienced cleaning experts and have put resources into getting cutting edge cleaning gear that take the necessary steps quicker, preferred and less expensive over our rivals.

With all the residue and the warmth in Dubai, it’s exceptionally simple for your furnishings to begin gathering microscopic organisms, germs, and much more and this is the reason you may end up wheezing a considerable amount. Profound cleaning administrations incorporate the utilization of expert steam cleaning techniques that wipe out hints of microorganisms and germs significantly more viably than ordinary cleaning. There are several cleaning organizations in Dubai alone that offer profound cleaning administrations, yet it’s critical for you to locate the correct fit. Some likewise offer extra administrations, for example, ecologically cordial cleaning methodology, so make certain to utilize to book the most reasonable profound cleaning administration in Dubai rapidly and effectively.

  • Removal of Cement & Grouting Materials from all surfaces including Floors, Walls, Windows & Doors
  • Removal of Cement & Grouting Materials from all surfaces including Floors, Walls, Windows & Doors
  • Removal of Paint Marks from all the surfaces including Floors, Walls, Windows & Doors
  • Wet Vacuuming of all the Floors
  • Steam Cleaning of all the Door & Window channels
  • Steam Cleaning & Microfiber wiping of all Glasses, Windows, Doors etc
  • Steam Cleaning (Inside & Out) of all Cabinets , Drawers & Wardrobes etc.
  • Thorough cleaning of all cabinetry (interior and exterior)
  • Floor Cleaning & Steam Mopping
  • Machine scrubbing & Buffing of floor area*
  • Steam Cleaning of Staircase steps
  • Dusting, Steam Cleaning of Handrails & Grills along Staircase
  • Steam Cleaning of bathrooms
  • Steam Cleaning of Kitchen
  • Microfiber dusting Spot Cleaning of Walls and
  • Spot Cleaning of Ceilings
  • Balcony & Rails: Washing & Dusting
  • Villas: Exterior Areas Cleaning* with Pressure washing of paved areas & Walls etc

A profound cleaning administration in Dubai will incorporate all the correct best in class hardware and cleaning materials important to guarantee that your house is in best condition. These instruments, for example, steam cleaners can purify and freshen up your home. Also, profound cleaning brings numerous medical advantages. A profound cleaning administration will clean away the spores and residue particles that wind up caught in concealed corners. It will likewise dispose of the form in your washroom and the oily stains on your dividers.

When you are moving in to your new property, you may require profound cleaning administrations to guarantee that your family has a spotless and sound condition. At Clean and Shine we comprehend the necessities of our customers and offer Professional profound cleaning administrations for private and business properties. Our group of cleaners buckle down and will put each push to measure up with your desires. As a major aspect of our responsibility to magnificence, we ensure we utilize the best items and hardware accessible.

– Dusting and sanitising of doors, wardrobes and other wooden fixtures.
– Steam cleaning of bathrooms.
– Balcony & rails washing.
– Villas paved areas pressure washing *
– Interior windows .
– Machine scrubbing of floor area.
– Dusting & vacuuming of entire property.
– Kitchen cabinets dusting and sanitising.
– Grease removal from kitchen walls.
– Air duct maintenance *
– Villas external cleaning *

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